Tips for Pet Emergency Care from Crossroads Animal Clinic

The tips for emergency care from Crossroads Animal Clinic cover physical injuries, unexpected illness and exposure to panic conditions. In some instances the pet might become unconscious, aggressive or frightened. She may experience uneven breathing, pulse variation and other sorts of heart palpitation etc. In all such cases you need to have the emergency medical kit with you. Some of the most common elements in this kit include bandages, pet thermometer, wound washing liquids, isopropyl alcohol, gauze, heat and cold packs, wound wrappers, petroleum jelly and some of the shots prescribed by your vet. It is very important that you get trained in using these emergency aids in the proper manner. The experts at the Crossroads Animal Clinic can help you in this aspect.

Crossroads Animal ClinicCrossroads Animal Clinic – Contact Numbers

Make sure that you have the pet emergency contact numbers stored in your cell phone or safely written down in your diary.  You can call them for the immediate pickup of your pet to the nearest pet treatment center. The trauma care center at the Crossroads Animal Clinic is active 24×7 to care for the immediate needs in any form.

Crossroads Animal Clinic – First Aid Tips

Before contacting the numbers, you can take certain precautionary measures to prevent the worsening of your pet condition before she is taken to the clinic. If you are unable to bandage the wounds of your pet alone, you can call for help from your friends or the nearby good Samaritans. They will be glad to extend a helping hand at anytime.

  • Stop Bleeding: – Your first task is to stop the bleeding in case of physical wounds. Use the emergency bandages. Before that you need to wash the wound with medicated liquids and apply the recommended cream or lotion. Make sure the bandage is not tied too tightly as it can prevent blood flow. At the same time it should be protective enough to stop the bleeding completely. Choose the bandages which allow free circulation of air. You need to take special care while covering the joints. The bandage should be flexible enough to allow movement. If movement is causing excess blood loss, you can insert a piece of small wooden or plastic log within the bandage to prevent your pet from moving the joints.
  • Care for Breathing: – the experts at the Crossroads Animal Clinic can train you how to keep the pet breathing when in case of emergency care. Follow the procedure accurately to ensure proper breathing.
  • Treat Swelling: – The procedure for first aid for swelling is slightly different from that of the wounds. You need to apply the warm and moist compress at the site for 15 to 20 minutes consistently. This will help in subsiding of the swelling to some extent. Make sure you have shifted your pet to the nearest pet clinic within the next 24 hours.

Crossroads Animal Clinic

Crossroads Animal Clinic – Emergency Pet Section

The emergency section at the Crossroads Animal Clinic is equipped with the latest technology based equipment and machinery. The staffs are well trained to meet any sort of traumatic conditions.