Top 4 reasons to visit today is the first site you need to visit even before you start your holiday plan at Serre Chevalier. You have 4 strong reasons for doing it today. Accommodation is the first reason. With 69 rooms and ultra modern facilities Parc hotel provides you the most peaceful stay during your travel time. Location at the center of Briançon gives you the second reason since most of the tourist attractions are just a few minutes away from here. Hospitality of the staff gives you the third reason as you find their services timely and professional. Your needs and wants are met instantly without any sort of intrusion into your privacy. Contentment to your appetite at the exquisite bar with delicious French cuisine is the fourth strongest reason which pulls you to

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When you visit a tourist spot the first thing you look for is a comfortable accommodation with the best of facilities. Parc hotel offers a wide range of choices with its 69 rooms. Ambient climate control, good ventilation, great furniture, supple bedding, 24 X 7 water supply with heating facility, and hygiene toiletries are some of the features you find in here. The interior of the hotel environment is kept highly serene and noiseless to make your stay peaceful.

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Parc hotel is located at the center of Briançon. After going through all the adventurous experiences of skiing and biking out there, it is natural that you would like to spend your resting time peacefully. At the same time you don’t want to miss out the tourist attractions in around the city. The best way is to find an accommodation which is near to all such places at the center of the city. Parc hotel is one such location you can find here.

When you start your tour in the morning it is easy to find means of transportation from close quarters to the hotel. While returning from your adventurous tour it is natural for you to be in a hurry to get back to the comforts of the accommodation. Parc hotel is surrounded by comfy transport facilities which can take you around all the tourist and adventure spots with zero hassles.

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At hotel Parc you will discover that professional approach to guest hospitality can be done with a warm and welcoming heart too. Homely conditions prevail in the hotel with in time services. You will be surprised to find silently moving and servicing staffs with total discipline and friendly approach. Your morning coffee and snacks are served at your convenient time. You don’t find any of the staffs disturbing your stay with impolite knock on the door or insistent pressing of calling bells. They seem to appear when you need them and disappear when you need privacy.

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Parc hotel offers some of the most delicious French cuisine which you will start adoring. Luscious Champagne and cocktails are served at the luxurious bar. Check out for more features at