Disney Vs Hello Kitty which is best karaoke machine for kids

One of the easiest and reliable methods to keep your child engaged and making sure that they have fun is music and singing. One department that combines both these is the Karaokes. Now, if you have decided to buy a karaoke it’s better to have a good understanding about the toy type device before going to the shop and ending up all confused whether to buy the type A or the fancy one or maybe the one with lights.

Here, we have a comparison between the two top rated karaoke devices namely Hello Kitty and Disney with regards to some of their features.

Hello Kitty

Undoubtedly one of the most famous fictional characters and something the kids just love. Hello Kitty karaoke toy comes in colors of Pink and White, has a fine 5” screen that allows your kid to read the lyrics as they sing along. This machine comes preloaded with two songs, but it is compatible with your mobile phone and other active devices like monitors, CD+G which allow you to play the song of your choice. It has a square-like an appearance and is very portable hence allowing your child to drag it across the hall or someplace else. Two microphone facilities (the second microphone needs to be purchased separately) are available along with enhanced vocal effects like echo and balanced control.




Disney needs no introduction. It has been producing famous animation characters effortlessly and is loved worldwide. Disney karaoke products use the face o their cartoons to attract pre-adolescent children such as Frozen and the Disney Princess.

Frozen themed karaoke

This machine has dimensions of 12”x10”x9”, weighs about 5 pounds and uses a 5inch screen. It comes with a microphone and also contains an additional slot for in case the user wants to plug an extra mic. It is extremely light and portable, is compatible with iPhone and other multimedia devices. It has a CD+G player that allows both audio and video to be played simultaneously. Its appearance is based on famous Disney anime Frozen.

Disney Princess Karaoke

This is one portable karaoke device that comes with an inbuilt microphone but unfortunately no screen. It has an oval shape with the three Disney princesses on its cover. The inbuilt playlist has three Disney princess songs embedded in it but like other karaoke devices, this also supports multimedia devices which you can plug in to sing to your own personally customized playlist.

So, which one is the best?

Well, the above discussion surely saves you from the Karaoke machine dilemma but the best machine really depends on how much you are ready to spend and on your requirements of portability, compatibility with the external devices and whether you would like to have a screen or not. Even though we might go for technical details our kids are just fine with the device as long as it keeps them happy and engaged. Different types of kids karaoke available at online store you can check karaoke system for kids at karaoke machine guides and grab the best system for your kids

Choosing the best one could be a thing but opting for the one your kid would love is the best of all.